Ishigaki Island sea view hotel East China Sea [Official Website]Ishigaki Island sea view hotel East China Sea [Official Website]


Wellcome to
“Hotel East Chaina Sea”

"Sky Lounge leading to a beautiful paradise in far south."
The best location to enjoy an island tour.
With a breeze passing through Sky Lounge, a panoramic night view of the port and the breakfast of our pride, your traveling desire will surely be satisfied.


All of our guest rooms command a sea view.
Step out on the balcony and the emerald green sea unfolds before you.

One of the highlights of our hotel is the fine outlook of the sea.
A balcony adds an excellent sense of openness to the room and an aid for further relaxation.

Junior Twin
This affordable room is suitable for solo travelers and couples. A floor with Terra Cotta tiles and a magnificent view of the sea and the sky from the balcony will enliven your resort mood. *We can connect two beds as a Hollywood Twin style per advance request.
Room Size 19.1m²


Standard Twin
Our spacious Standard Twin accommodates up to 4 guests. At the balcony enjoy the delightful smell of the sea air while overlooking the beautiful sea, sky and islands of Kuroshima, Taketomi, and Iri-omote. Have a relaxing stay with family and friends as the sea unfolds before you.
Room Size 25.7m²


Japanese Style Room
Tranquil room with tatami mats. The provided bedding is a traditional futon, which is great for a family with co-sleeping children. Relax in a healing space while observing the ships come and go as you feel the gentle breeze from the sea.
Room Size 29.1m²


Suite Room
Blend into the seascape in the Suite Room on the top floor and submerge in a luxurious moment. On the spacious terrace, unwind in the summer bed while overlooking Ishigski-jima's blue sky and sea during the day and sparkling starry sky at night.
Room Size 43.2m²


Barrier-Free Room
This Barrier-Free Room is designed with consideration for guests' needs and comfort. To provide smoother access for guests using wheelchairs, this guest room is located on the lower floor of the hotel, the room has a wood flooring and furnished with an adjustable electric bed. This room is coordinated in a white tone. Please enjoy your stay.
Room Size 35.2m²



A large glass window depicts the ships sailing between Ishigaki Port and other Yaeyama Islands. A comfortable breeze passes by the open terrace. Restaurant "PORTO AZZURRO" creates signature dishes expressed freely beyond the genres of
cuisines such as Okinawa, Japanese and Western, in this dynamic eatery.

The third-floor Italian restaurant “Porto Azzurro” means “azure of the sky above the port” in Italian, and is a typical restaurant at a resort area.
The blue- and white-based interior of the restaurant represents the sky and ocean stretching infinitely. Original foods -- such as those using “miyabuta” pork and “misakigyu” beef nurtured by the nature of the Yaeyama Islands that include Ishigaki -- are served at “Porto Azzurro.” These foods have been produced in the spirit of “nuchigusui” (the medicine of life), which has been handed down from generation to generation in Okinawa.
At “Sky Lounge,” an about 70-square-meter terrace within the restaurant, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of other Yaeyama Islands including Taketomi and ships sailing on the sea as well as sunset and the wonderful starry sky.


Through our exciting and heart pounding activities, you will see many pure smiles that deepen the bond between loved ones. Explore the island's nature while enjoying the exciting activities. Ishigaki-jima offers one of the most prominent diving spots in the world. Experience the fun the island's nature delivers through marine leisure, river adventure and star-lit sky observation.
We will assist in filling in a page in your traveling journal.

Filled with excitements, witness many pure smiles deepen the bond between loved ones.
Explore the island's nature while enjoying the exciting activities. Ishigaki-jima offers one of the most prominent diving spots in the world. Experience the fun the island's nature delivers through marine leisures, river adventures and star-lit sky observations. We will assist in filling in a page of your traveling journal.


Our hotel provides pleasant stays during your travels.
Sea breeze passes through a relaxing lounge "Piloti," an aftercare service for your diving equipments, and available Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Our restaurant offers signature dishes in a calming dining space to satisfy your desires to travel.
We look forward to providing you a pleasant stay with us.


Waterfront hotel with the best location for city sightseeing.
Easily accessible to nearby islands via an express ferry.


Located approximately 470km southwest of Okinawa Island, Ishigaki-jima's circumference is 166km, and is the 3rd largest islands in Okinawa. Ishigaki-jima prides itself in many natural highlights including the sea's beautiful coral reef, mountains and forests, a river running through mangrove bushes, Kabira Bay and Uganzaki Cape.
It is the entrance to Yaeyama Islands as well as the starting point of the remote islands. Please plan your islands tours starting in Ishigaki-jima.
Enjoy a remote islands tour exploring the highlights of each islands' differences from the ones found in Okinawa Island.